JOLA Standards

JOLA is a contemporary brand conceived by the need to create colorful shirting options that help set daily intentions. Colors create energy, and by thoughtfully choosing to wear specific colors in our closets, our moods and needs can be positively impacted. Through sustainable fabrics and expert craftsmanship made by skilled artisans in the USA, every JOLA shirt is created to ensure wearable style and seasonless longevity.

Consciously selected notions are used along with recycled labels and hang tags. Dutiful pricing reflects the selection of superior materials, ethical sustainability standards, and a commitment to quality fit and tailoring. All fabrics used are sustainably made with Tencel, modal, bamboo, and organic cotton when available. Three out of the five styles of shirts are made from Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® fabrics. Two styles use TENCEL™ Modal fabrics. The PJ Top is made with corozo buttons, which unlike plastic buttons, will eventually biodegrade over time. The Vest is made with buttons from upcycled horn that has been discarded naturally. Made in small batch orders, JOLA is doing its best to keep firm tabs on quality control, eliminate waste, and manufacture with common sense principles and standards.

Knowing how resourceful it would be to have one shirt take on all the responsibilities of the day, JOLA designs are both comfortable and classic enough to be worn to the office, snuggle a child, or head out to a late dinner. Dress them up with skirts and heels or go more casual with jeans and sandals; the options are limitless.