Color Therapy

Color Therapy

I have always organized my closet in sections.  Shirts/blouses in one area, jeans/pants in another, and dresses crammed together somewhere else since that is not part of my daily wardrobe.  A while back I decided to then further divide everything by color, which has been such a timesaver, and frankly, makes me so happy.  Every time I walk into my closet, it’s like my own personal rainbow of colors greets me.  Colors emit energies and frequencies, and my mood usually determines what I select to wear for the day.  Lately, with average temperatures reaching 20 degrees in January here, I’ve been wearing as many bright colors as possible.

Colors emit energies and invoke emotions in us.  Feeling in tune with nature?  You’re likely to select something green to wear.  Needing some calmness and serenity for your day?  Wear something blue.  The list below will guide you towards the colors you need to help set the intention for your day.

Pink-Wearing pink helps you to convey compassion and an open heart.  It can help make you feel more feminine, appear approachable, and be more capable of loving others.  

Red-A very powerful color, red emits confidence and is a real self-esteem booster.  It can intimidate others and can provide the wearer with a sense of groundedness.  

Orange-Needing to feel creative and playful?  Orange is the color for you!  Its high energy qualities bring on the creative juices and can urge you to get out into the world and create something amazing.

Yellow-This color is uplifting, warm, and optimistic.  It will make you happy and put you in a great mood.  Think of sunshine and vitamin D.

Green-Healing and new growth is what green represents.  If you are ready to turn over a new leaf or embark on a new journey, then wear green to help you head towards your new path.  It’s the color of nature and is a great source for rejuvenation.

Blue-Needing some extra zen in your life, then throw on a blue color.  It emits calm and relaxing energy.  Let it help you feel like you are sinking into a pool of serenity!

Violet-The color that emits the highest frequency on the color spectrum, violet is what you want when you are needing to feel unique and noticed.  Burgundy is associated with royalty, and lavender can help you feel more feminine.

Black and Gray-Both colors can help you blend in.  While both are great basics and go well with everything, black, to me, emits a feeling of sleekness and power.

White-If you are ready for a new beginning, then white is the color you need.  It gives you a feeling of freshness, a clean slate, and can help uplift your outlook.

How about tomorrow morning taking some time to put some conscious thinking into your outfit?  Along with a little vitamin D, it’s the next best way to help kick the seasonal doldrums that many of us deal with during the winter.  

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